Responsibility as an Asset

Founded on the UN Global Compact's 10 principles for corporate responsibility, Neas Energy has implemented a policy for social and environmental responsibility, adopted by the Board of Directors and applied throughout Neas Energy Group's companies.

The group CSR policy includes an explication on the 10 UN Global Compact principles and an annual reporting on CSR efforts in a Communication of Progress submitted to the UN Global Compact council for continued membership.

Responsibility Driven by Business - and vice versa

Neas Energy is constantly working to improve the group's impact on social conditions and the environment. The group's CSR policy is revised every year as a part of the annual report and the annual communication on progress submitted to the UN Global Compact. Neas Energy group gives high priority to exercising business-driven CSR and that several of our business areas in themselves contribute to the transition to more renewable energy and reduced CO2 emissions.

Shaping Renewable Energy and the Low carbon Economy

At Neas Energy, one of our premiere businesses is directed at adding value for renewable energy generators and origination of renewable energy for large scale consumption (energy supply companies) by actively and progressively operating on new markets to promote the basis for more renewable energy and the spread of the low-carbon economy. This we see as Neas Energy's biggest contribution to shaping tomorrow's energy markets and low carbon economy. For us, CSR goes hand in hand with good business.

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