IR Policy

Neas Energy's IR policy is based on the company's current ownership structure and on an objective to ensure timely and adequate information to investors, analysts and other IR stakeholders. Neas Energy's IR policy is approved by the board of directors and includes all companies in the group.

High Level of Information

Through availability and reporting Neas Energy aims to ensure that all IR stakeholders continuously receive relevant and accurate information about the company's operations, strategy and performance. Published information relevant to the company's performance will be available on the website where the following publications are available:

• Annual reports
• Company announcements
• Press releases
• Presentation materials (found under the respective business areas)

Also, IR stakeholders are welcome to contact Neas Energy's Communications department for further information or for access to company Executives. For your information, Neas Energy only comments on its own published data, factual issues and market-related issues.

IR Responsible

Neas Energy's IR function is responsible for corporate compliance with the IR policy, prepared by the executives and approved by the company's board. For further information you are welcome to contact Rasmus Møller, Head of Corporate Affairs, (+45) 41317815.

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