The Best in Energy Trading

No market is emerging like energy and volatile market prices cause great opportunities for added value but also potential risks to be managed.

Doing business with Neas Energy you get the very best in energy trading and management. Neas Energy is an independent trading and management company, and we provide energy generators and suppliers trading services in power, gas, certificates and related energy commodities.

Based in Denmark and with offices in the UK, Sweden and Germany, Neas Energy is active in more than 20 European countries and rank among the market leaders in trading and balancing of wind power and CHP production as well as wholesale trading and portfolio management for energy supply companies.

In 2011 Neas Energy was purchased by a group of private equity investors. With the change in ownership a new corporate strategy has been implemented including ambitious growth targets and a new corporate mission statement:

We are our partners' eyes in the European energy markets.

We are always at the forefront of market developments and the first to utilize openings and possibilities in the market for our partners.

We provide specialized trading and management services centered on Maximizing Value by Managing Risks for our partners.

This is how we create added value and this is how Neas Energy will continue to grow and expand our activities internationally.


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