No matter the Exposure, no matter where in Europe

By Rasmus Buhl Møller , Head of Corporate Affairs
07 February 2017

Integration of activities between Centrica Energy Marketing and Trading (EM&T) and Neas Energy leads to expansion and diversification of physical and financial energy asset management across Europe.

A new collective strategy aims to meet present and future demands for computed and flexible route-to-market services and structured risk management across multiple locations from asset owners and infrastructure investors.

British energy group Centrica acquired Neas Energy in September 2016 to expand the group’s footprint in energy marketing and trading in Continental Europe. The integration of the companies’ activities and capabilities will open up for further expansion and advanced propositions for owners of gas and power assets.

Trading actively and retaining critical experience from power and gas markets in Europe is the backbone for offering our asset management services. Joining forces with Centrica we are in a favourable position to utilize our Pan-European footprint and our collective capabilities in trading to expand our route-to-market and asset management services into new markets in Europe. Basically, we want to be able to service no matter what exposure physical and/or financial our clients have in the energy complex wherever in Europe, says Bjorn Skovhus, Chief Strategy Officer in Neas Energy.

Integrating capabilities

The integration of Centrica EM&T and Neas Energy aims to utilize the changing energy landscape where the transition to renewables, consolidating utilities and capital investors seeking direct energy infrastructure investments are some of the key trends.

Combining our capabilities, we have an unparalleled proposition within energy marketing and trading. Collectively our business model allows us to offer optimisation of exposures from the shortest tradable physical products to long term structured financial hedges across multiple geographies and different assets in power, gas and adjacencies, explains Angel Sanz, Head of Origination in Centrica EM&T.

Next generation energy marketing and trading

We have spent more than a decade developing the next generation of systems for physical asset management by perfecting the integration of our route-to-market software and our round-the-clock trading of power and gas in Europe. With Centrica’s ownership, we add financial strength and expert capabilities in structuring of long term risk management across commodities, which in my opinion provides us with the full range of services to satisfy increasingly complex demands from owners of energy infrastructure, comments Bjorn Skovhus.

Centrica EM&T and Neas Energy trade in 23 European countries and has a contract-ed portfolio of 7,950 MW renewables, 3,900 MW thermal power stations and CHP and 28 million gas and power consumers.

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