Nikolaj Niebuhr

The Dream of making it to the top of the highest mountains and the willpower to get there

Neas Energy sponsors Nikolaj Niebuhr, who does adventure sports in spite of being paralyzed on the right side of his body.

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Nikolaj is born and raised in Northern Denmark, and has always been active in sports, but after brain surgery became paralyzed on the right side of his body. Nikolaj refused to let this stop him and in 2004 his life was changed radically when his grandfather brought him on a skiing holiday. After this, ski sports became a great part of Nikolaj's life, and today he goes mountain bike riding, climbs and participates in skiing marathons.

Nikolaj Niebuhr

Skiing marathons have a distance of 42 kilometers, take place at 2700 meters above sea level and the participants pass four mountain tops. The Italian Dolomites set the scene for Nikolaj's active life which seems physically impossible. However, Nikolaj's incredible willpower makes it possible for him to achieve his goals. 

Neas Energy consider Nikolaj a great source of inspiration and we are happy to support Nikolaj in his hopes and dreams.

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