Working at Neas Energy - We bring our best for people

We want to attract the greatest talents in our line of business and provide excellent career opportunities.

We believe that every employee at Neas Energy should have the best possible opportunities to make their most valuable contributions to our company and at the same time develop their individual capabilities to the highest possible level. The knowledge and the skills of our people are the greatest assets of all at Neas Energy. This is why it is our ambition to have the best working environment in the energy business.

We want the best possible working environment to nurture our greatest asset - our people.

We want to maintain a culture at Neas Energy of mutual respect and dialogue across departments and hierarchy, an environment where people with different talents and ambitions can flourish and reach results that are rewarded, recognised and celebrated accordingly. It is our objective to maintain an organisation which is open to change in our environment, and has the dynamics to pursue new business opportunities with speed and efficiency.

Happy employees

We believe in fresh thinking and creative business ideas from our people who have the backing of a dynamic organisation which turns ideas into business.

We expect every employee to contribute to a working environment characterised by fresh thinking, high spirit and an unparalleled level of competency. Executives, managers and employees are all expected to focus on the development and growth of the company as a whole, showing willingness to adapt to change and make the most of their own capabilities under ever changing conditions. This requires a working environment where people can freely foster ideas and rely on the backing of a dynamic organisation to help realise the potential of their ideas. This is necessary for our people to make a difference and make the most of their professional capacities.

We want to attract the greatest talents and sustain employees by providing excellent career opportunities and an attractive working place. Employees at Neas Energy are expected to represent their professional trade and opinions and contribute to an open-minded working environment in an international organisation. We believe in work-life balance and job satisfaction. The welfare of our people is key, and Neas Energy provides all employees with excellent opportunities to organise their work to fit their individual conditions and sustain their physical and mental health.

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