Meet Lea, Graduate

Why be a graduate

As a Graduate I really like that I get the opportunity to work in different areas of the business and try different types of tasks. To me this is a good way to transfer from life as a student to fulltime employee and it gives me an insight into what work areas I would like to focus on in the future.



The energy market

I like the constant development in the energy markets, which demands that you are fast to react and to implement changes in the business, which directly reflects on my tasks. With my academic background, I find it particularly interesting to try to predict and account for these changes and exploit these to Neas’ advantage.

Neas Energy

As Neas Energy is in a changing business environment I keep getting challenged and constantly learn something new. My tasks consist of both small assignments and large projects where I get to use and challenge my theoretical knowledge. I really appreciate this combination of developing new skills and using my existing skills in an academic environment.

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