Meet Thomas, Graduate

My role as graduate

During the graduate program I worked in three different departments at Neas Energy. The purpose of this was to gain an overall understanding of the company, which enabled me to think cross organizational and focus on the value chain when solving tasks. I perceive the graduate program as a good transition between life as a student and working life with a good balance between training and assignment of tasks with a high level of responsibility. In this way I obtained relevant work experience to continue in my current job as Business Consultant at Neas Energy.

Thomas Kalisz


The energy market

The only certain factor in the energy market is change. It is therefore very interesting to be part of and these constant changes make the market very dynamic and complex, which means that you need to be proactive and willing to adapt to changes as they happen.

Neas Energy

Neas Energy is a very energetic workplace where I experience a high level of professionalism and a sense of community and social coherence. As a graduate I met clear expectations to my tasks, but also room for independence, which was very motivating.

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