Meet Ann, Head of IT Development


My tasks

I work as Head of IT Development. My main tasks are to try to maintain an overview of projects and tasks in IT Development – and prioritize tasks with the rest of the organization in order for us to work on the most important projects in terms of both monetary value and efficiency improvements.

Additionally we are focusing on data and on making relevant data available as fast as possible – so that NEAS can become a data driven company. For this to succeed IT is a key player.

The Energy Market

The energy market is complex and constantly changing – becoming more and more dependent on renewable sources – and thereby less predictable. The energy market is also very dependent upon political change, which has a global as well as local impact.

Once you get to know the energy market you find out that the fact that security of supply is as close to 100% as you can get, is rather impressive and by no means an easy task.  

Neas Energy

I like the Neas culture – we work hard and fast, but there is always room for a joke and a debate about why we are doing what we are doing. Also, if you keep an open mind there is plenty of room to pursue a job opportunity, even if it doesn’t match your educational background or the job you originally started out in.

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