Company Culture

We bring our best

Since its founding in 1998 Neas Energy has been characterised by entrepreneurship, resourcefulness and growth. Within just three years it went from a company of 28 to 150 people and established Neas Energy as a leading independent energy trading company in Europe. At Neas Energy, our corporate value is a simple and yet big promise - We bring our best.

Trading in our Blood

At Neas Energy we basically purchase and sell energy on liberal international energy markets in Europe to provide our partners with the best deal possible and make a profit. We are independent of interests in either production or consumption of energy making trading and management of energy for our partners our core business. In many ways the culture at Neas Energy resembles the sort of company culture that one can still find even in the finance sector; One that can be found in a real commercial environment constantly fixed on the market to locate new value opportunities and manage risks.

Bring your best business ideas

With an average age of only 36 years, Neas Energy is a young company. Within the last years we have opened offices in London, UK and Hamburg, Germany as a result of a strategy to establish Neas Energy in all major European energy markets. This is reflected in the way we work and the way we treat each other. There is an open-minded, international and informal atmosphere with communication across the company and an excellent working environment. Neas Energy is dependent on new business ideas and the ability to utilize ideas into real business. The company is always open to suggestions and for people taking ownership of good business ideas. Our employees' competencies are our greatest resource. We therefore do a lot to care for and develop them, including for example internal courses, presentations and social events outside of work hours etc. People working at Neas Energy are expected to live up to our corporate value and in return our company is willing to provide our people with great possibilities for contributing to the company's commercial and cultural development and great possibilities for your individual professional development.

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