Unparalleled services for CHP

Neas Energy's services in trading and production management for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants are unparalleled. For many years now Neas Energy has provided CHP plants with the very best value in:

  • Power trading
  • Gas trading
  • And production balancing (including a unique IT system for balancing and production planning)

More than you could wish for

With our services and products we are able to accommodate all our partners' demands for:

  • Optimisation of heat and power production
  • Budgetary control
  • Convenience and production control
  • and not least- the best settlement prices.

In fact you can expect Neas Energy to provide you with new and undetected value opportunities based on our insight in the generator's resources in the daily operation in relation to the current possibilities we see in the energy market.



Guaranteed Value

We offer everything from a general fixed price contracts to an individually tailored portfolio agreement, and we guarantee that we are able to offer an agreement which matches the needs of your plant.

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