Balancing Services

Expert Services in Renewable Energy Management

The complexity of the electricity market and uncertainties in assessing the energy production from wind, solar and hydro power makes balancing and pricing complex. However, through expert in-house meteorologists, market analysts and advanced production management models we have developed outstanding balance services.

Neas Energy has over the past more than 5 years developed an in house weather capability which includes a staff of 4 meteorologists and an in-house weather-to-power forecasting model. This output from this pour system relies on input from 3 different meteorological models. These 3 models include a global weather model based on data from the GFS model and data from the global EC model

To improve on this, a third approach - called the ensemble model method - is used. 

Neas' balancing services in renewable energy generation include:

  • BRP (Balance Responsible Party)
  • Physical Production Management including: forecasting, scheduling, reporting and controlling(reports to local TSOs and exchanges)

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