More Value in Renewable Generation

Making the Most of Mother Nature's Ressources

The wind, sun and rain are all great sources of sustainable energy. Mother Nature's different moods are becoming more and more important in our energy supply and in energy markets. But no one can control the weather, and no one can control the market. This makes it especially complex to optimise revenues from renewable generation in energy markets. Nevertheless, this is our special expertise at Neas Energy. We have developed trading and production management services especially designed to maximise the value of renewable power generation in energy markets. 

Experience and Outstanding Services

Neas Energy has a portfolio of more than 7,7000 MW of installed renewable generation under management, ranking Neas Energy among one of the leading trading companies in renewable generation in Europe.

Neas Energy's services in renewable generation include:

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Production Management & Balancing (forecasting, scheduling and reporting)
  • Structuring (fixed prices, options, portfolio management etc.)
  • Purchase & Sale of renewable energy certificates (EECS, Elcerts, TÜV, RECs, ROCs etc.)
  • Certification and accreditation for renewable energy certificate schemes


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