Maximizing Value in Renewable Energy Certificates

Sales of certificates are becoming an increasingly important source of income for renewable energy producers. Neas Energy specialises in accreditation of production facilities and trading of certificates in all acknowledged European schemes with one purpose - to maximise the value of your renewable energy production and manage market risks.

Neas Energy provides accreditation and trading of certificates in the Nordic region and Continental Europe from all predominate renewable energy sources:

  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Bio
  • Solar Power

An Important Asset with a Substantial Upside

Different standards and regimes of certificates are emerging and the pan-European market for certificates is growing fast. Based on a major portfolio of renewable energy under management in both the Nordic region and Continental Europe Neas Energy has built up extensive knowledge of the different certificate schemes and the accreditation processes to help our business partners retain the best prices for their renewable energy certificates. Neas Energy has the necessary insight into markets and regulation to provide renewable energy producers with a substantial upside on this new emerging asset class.

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