Powered By Renewables

Neas Energy provides Guarantees of Origin in all standards directly from the source - without pricy intermediaries. We represent a large portfolio of both large and small scale generators and can channel certificates directly from a specific generator e.g. biomass, hydro or wind turbines with full traceability, transparency and documentation.

Direct Sourcing and Individual Structuring

Across Europe, governments and regulators are implementing certificate schemes to promote renewable energy supply. Purchasing certified renewable energy can help avoid eco-taxation, improve a competitive position when tendering for private and public contracts and secure approvals for commerce and supply. We can structure GoOs to meet individual demands.

Neas Energy guarantees sale of renewable energy certificates at competitive prices and with quality origination from e.g.:

  • Wind Power (Denmark & Sweden)
  • Hydro Power (Norway & Sweden)
  • Biomass and Waste Plant (Denmark)


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