Portfolio Management

In portfolio management it is our primary purpose to represent our partners' interests in the energy markets.

Real Value in the Details

A highly experienced team of traders, account managers and operations staff constantly monitors market developments to optimize our partners' positions in the market. Optimising even the small details is where the real value is found. This is why we dedicate so many resources to tailoring individual portfolio management solutions for our wholesale partners. We believe this is what brings and encourages our partners to continue to doing business with Neas Energy.


At Neas Energy structured purchase and sale of energy is a speciality. Our wholesale partners' individual exposures in markets and risk profiles are very diverse. In these cases conventional products and settelments usually do not meet the challenge. Structuring of finacial solutions suited to individual market exposure and risk profile is essential to "Maximize Value and Manage risks". Neas Energy's structured trading unite is second-to-none.

Exceptional IT systems

Trading energy and managing physical electricity production and consumption is a highly complex service that requires excessive processing of data. Access to accurate data and qualified analysis are imperative to our partners and to our own business. Neas Energy has invested heavily in developing customized IT systems which utilise data as effective tools for our partners in their day-to-day energy management.

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