Short Term Power Trading

A massive inflow of unstable renewable power is causing short term prices to fluctuate increasingly.

We have invested heavily in building a short term trading desk to represent our clients' interest in short term markets in most European markets and utilize their flexibility with 24/7 operation and trading. Neas Energy's short term power trading activities include:

  • Intraday
  • Day ahead
  • Cross border
  • As well as a variety of flexible markets for balancing/capacity/reserve markets

Neas Energy specialises in short term trading and represents a variety of clients on the European short term markets - including:

  • Utilities
  • Supply companies
  • Combined Heat and Power plants
  • Wind & Solar power generators

The importance of a strong representation on short erm power markets is increasing, and at Neas Energy we are always interested in new trading agreements with clients or counterparties.

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