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Neas Energy is always looking for new talent and experienced professionals to join our three main career areas, spanning from front desk trading to development of the best possible IT solutions.

Meet our employees and learn more about what we do, who we are and how we work at Neas Energy.

Meet usTodorTeam Lead Cross Border and Day Ahead

Meet Todor, Team Lead Cross Border and Day Ahead

My tasks

I am responsible for the CEE and Italy regions within the Cross-border department. The team´s main focused is illiquid markets where we trade electricity across borders and we build and develop new markets.

The Energy Market

The energy market is ever-changing for two reasons: new markets continuously open up and regulations change in the existing markets. Therefore, it is important to always know the latest trends and be ready to take actions based on this.

Neas Energy

What strikes me at Neas Energy is the friendly atmosphere and the relaxed culture. I like that there is always room for a smile and a joke even though everybody is working in a fast pace. I also like that I interact with the entire company and get to be a part of cross-organisational projects, for example in cooperation with universities.

Meet usDennisGas Trader

Meet Dennis. Gas Trader

My tasks

In my daily work I execute gas trades on the European gas markets and I take part in making the daily trading strategy. I participate in ongoing discussions in the team to develop our products and portfolio and our trading performance.

The energy market

The energy market is constantly developing across Europe and I find it very exciting to be part of developing the market standard of the future energy market. The combination of the number of markets, the transport, renewable energy and time products creates a framework of so many opportunities which I find very attractive to work with.

Neas Energy

NEAS is a very dynamic workplace and you can quickly gain a lot of responsibility compared to other work places. The bar is set high and you are challenged from day 1. Despite the ambitious environment, the atmosphere among colleagues is relaxed and there are many social events organized by NEAS as well as colleagues across nationalities.

Meet usTrineSenior Risk Manager

Meet Trine, Senior Risk Manager

My tasks

My tasks include managing and monitoring risks to secure compliance with the company’s risk policy. Besides that I work with developing and improving risk reports for present and future areas of business.

The Energy Market

I find the energy market exciting because it is a growing and volatile market where it is important to keep management of risk in mind. The market is constantly developing and new risk challenges arise all the time.

Neas Energy

I appreciate that my knowledge is being challenged every day and that my co-workers are open to new ideas. The conditions in the company change all the time and no two days are the same, so it is important to be flexible and willing to adapt.

Meet usThomasHead of Risk Management

Meet Thomas, Head of Risk Management

My tasks

I am responsible for the Middle Office, Risk Back Office and Quantitative Analytics teams within the department Risk Management & Quantitative Analytics. These teams handle market and credit risk, reporting, controlling and state-of-the-art quantitative analytics. 

Energy market

The energy markets are developing rapidly and become more and more liberalised and new products emerge all the time. This means that you constantly have to come up with your own solutions and do not have to follow fixed routines.

Neas Energy

Neas Energy is a dynamic company with many young and talented people. It is a working environment with many academics which means that you get to work at a high level and get to use your knowledge in cooperation with others.

Meet usAndersTeam Lead & Senior Software Developer

Meet Anders, Team Lead & Senior Software Developer

My tasks

I work as Team Lead & Senior Software Developer. My tasks are to motivate, develop, and manage software developers delivering software for our colleagues and customers.

I am also responsible for ensuring product development, following the Scrum and Continuous Delivery principals. This requires coordination with the team as well as the business to ensure that the right tasks are prioritized to maximize value in software for Neas and its customers.

The Energy Market

The energy market is complex and constantly changing – becoming more and more dependent on renewable sources – and thereby less predictable. The energy market is also very dependent upon political change, which has a global as well as local impact.

Once you get to know the energy market you find out that the fact that security of supply is as close to 100% as you can get, is rather impressive and by no means an easy task.  

Neas Energy

I like the Neas culture – we work hard and fast, but there is always room for a joke and a debate about why we are doing what we are doing. Also, if you keep an open mind there is plenty of room to pursue a job opportunity, even if it doesn’t match your educational background or the job you originally started out in.

Meet usThomasSoftware Developer

Meet Thomas, Software Developer

My tasks

I work with the development of IT systems that support different business areas and I also collect and maintain various data used by our traders. I am also Scrum Master for two projects, which means that I make sure the projects are executed and I am in charge of planning the process.

The Energy Market

The energy market is an exciting and complex field and there are many things to learn, which means that I continuously get to develop my competencies.

Neas Energy

Neas Energy is a dynamic workplace with a fast pace and when the market changes it is necessary to take two steps at a time. I like that I get to use my ideas and be creative and I really feel that I get to contribute with my knowledge.


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