Centrica wins balancing & trading contract for 469 MW of solar power in Denmark

29. November - 2018
Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) has won a 2-year contract for balancing and trading of 469 MW renewables capacity (predominantly photovoltaic and some hydro and wind) installed in homes and businesses across Denmark under the offtake obligation subsidy scheme. The contract was awarded in a tender offered by the Danish Transmission System Operator “Energinet” to Centrica EM&T’s Danish based subsidiary Neas Energy.

“We are excited to win this contract. We have a strong track record of trading and balancing renewable power and collaborating with TSOs across Europe. The signing of this contract is a direct result of establishing a highly specialised capability and competitiveness in trading and balancing” explained Anders Bauditz, Director & Country Head Denmark.

The contract covers all Balance Responsible Party (BRP) services, including:

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Trading of production
  • Balancing
  • and settlement

Aggregating 87,000 generators into one precise production plan

The contract totals 469 MW of installed renewable electricity capacity which is divided between a total of 87,000 metering points to be transferred to Neas Energy balancing systems from 1 January 2019. Neas Energy will collaborate with Danish retail electricity company Vindstoed for settlement.

Anders added: “It requires a high degree of automation and innovative software to aggregate 87,000 individual installations into one balancing group and precisely manage the weather-driven generation within it. The precision and agility needed to minimise imbalances and trade out potential deviations is the type of complexity that our business is designed for.” 


For further information please contact:

Rasmus Moller
Head of Corporate Affairs in Neas Energy
P: +45 41317815
E: rbm@neasenergy.com

Alan McLaughlin
Corporate Affairs Director, Centrica
P: +44 (0)7789 570598
E: alan.mclaughlin@centrica.com


About Centrica EM&T

Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) moves and trades energy to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. Round-the-clock and across the globe we are in operation to provide Centrica’s customers and counterparts with value adding marketing and trading services.

We physically source and trade gas, power and LNG and trade to optimise market exposures all the way from long term risk management down to physical trading seconds before delivery.

With an integration of asset management software, trading technologies and highly specialised individuals we process the complexity of energy markets to release the potential for wholesale producers and consumers of energy.

Centrica EM&T has a highly diversified portfolio of gas, power and LNG capacities under management, and our customers’ assets and risks are the foundation of our business, covering:

  • Trading & structuring
  • Shipping, transport & storage
  • Offtake & delivery (GSPAs, PPAs, EPAs etc.)
  • Route-to-market & balancing