Neas Energy has now entered the Dutch market

22. February - 2018 | For further information please contact
Rasmus Buhl Møller - Head of Corporate Affairs     +45 99 39 58 04
Neas Energy, part of Centrica Group, now expands activities to the Netherlands to offer Route-to-Market services to energy infrastructure investors and owners of renewables assets such as wind parks and solar farms in the Netherlands.

Neas Energy can draw upon the expertise of managing thousands of MWs in Germany, the UK and Scandinavia for more than 15 years.

Lars Weber, Senior Originator at Neas Energy explains: “Our business is designed to capture value from our clients’ energy generation and reduce risks – basically, a well-balanced risk reward potential. Obtaining maximum production value is essential for profitable investments in renewable energy, and we can utilize this expertise in our services to the Dutch market”.

Neas Energy offers a full suite of Route-to-Market Services in which intelligent integration of IT systems and round-the-clock flexible energy trading allows its clients to optimise their risk-reward potential on the highly dynamic energy markets.

We can offer clarity on total income to the investor by linking the income from power to the subsidy that the RVO is paying out and we are a stable partner that can offer contract terms for up to 15 years. The long-term duration together with the strong financial position of our ultimate parent, Centrica PLC, gives security for both the investors as well as their banking institutions”, says Lars Weber.

Neas Energy has around 300 employees and operates in over 20 European countries. From their headquarters in the Danish city of Aalborg, Neas Energy controls and markets both renewable and conventional power plants. Neas Energy’s area of expertise is short-term energy trading on day-ahead and intraday markets.